A Time to Sow and a Time to Reap

No earbuds, no music…just quiet thoughts.

I’m in a growing season right now, sometimes I feel like a seed that has been sowed in the dark ground, feeling the heat and the pressure of the soil about me…..Knowing that I’m just about ready to break through this shell of a seed stretching upward to the warmth and security of the sun (Son). My roots are growing deeper and deeper, so wind or turbulent weather will not be able to pull me out from this soil that I have been so lovingly sown into.

While I am in this place of….ALMOST….I am learning patience, I do not want to push through myself to early, for it may not be the right season of my arrival. However, the warmth of the soil and the continued breaking off of this shell is a sign that it maybe soon.

The shell is cracked, I am anew. I am not the original hard seed that had been sowed in the ground.

Soon I will be a fruit bearing and shade producing. But I know that while it is the end of one growth cycle (seed), it is by no means the end of my growing. There will be pruning, waiting, and grafting……then more abundant fruit, the canopy of shade will be greater.

But I am going ahead of the process…….one season, one day,…….The days portion for the day!



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