The Fleece Blanket

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1 John 3:18 My little children, let us not love the world in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth.


As I sit in the comfort of my big ole recliner, with a heating pad turned so high it could melt skin, a big cup of scalding hot coffee in my favorite mug and my fluffy robe wrapped around me I am thankful…, moments earlier I was shivering in my bed with the thermostat set at a whopping 63 degrees.

Before I go on any further, I will need to add some information: I have to be honest, I have not been known for my servant(ness) attitude in my life. I do have gifts and anointing in other areas, where doing these things is not “hard, or a to die to flesh” kind of thing…serving was not one of these. And do be honest, I never really wanted to serve, however, when I didn’t serve I had a spirit of conviction as well as a little dose of guilt. You see, I come of a servant mother.. I mean this mighty small lady has mad servant skills. Even my sisters are bent more for serving…where did I come from? how did I not get this skill? Well we will leave that for another time haha. It did come to my attention…many, many years later through some good ole fashion teaching that we are all given the same measure of “gift, fruits of the spirit, patience, kindness, ….you know the ones. I just had not wanted to give myself over totally to the small voice of God through His Holy Spirit, to go and do. I have, these past years began to be quiet enough to hear, really hear the urging of the Holy Spirit, sometimes we just have to be quiet enough to hear Him.

Now back to the “warmth” issue…the other day, as I had one of my favorite fleece blankets wrapped around my shoulders to keep our the drafts of cold air that were causing me to shiver inside my skin…I was suddenly struck with an overwhelming heaviness in my heart, and the Holy Spirit spoke to me, (not verbally this time, but that is another story for another entry) He spoke to me quietly in my heart, that small voice. If I was this cold, and shivering with a roof over my head, a steaming cup of coffee in my cold hands and a thermostat that at will I could heat this dwelling like a sauna, if I so desired.  That there were men, women and children that very moment..shivering and cold without a fleece blanket wrapped around them, no steaming cup of coffee warming their cold hands, or living in a big house with the ability to heat at will. Suddenly, in the midst of these images laying on my heart, my servant hood heart began to grow. I felt a little like the Grinch when his heart started to grow. My first thought, was not to figure out how to get someone else to help, or to even build a house everyone, not some big grandiose idea of feeding everyone….but a single fleece blanket, a soft warm comforting fleece blanket to wrap themselves in to keep out the frigid cold, to add some comfort and warmth and all that brings…there is just something about being wrapped warm in a fleece blanket that is comforting, like when Christ wrapped his warm arms around us to comfort us on those nights/days when we are shivering with fear. When His love warms us.

A warm fleece blanket…just a warm covering on a freezing night…and the promise of the warmth of Christ’s love…that is what I am compelled to share.

When you have wrapped a fleece blanket around the least of these, you have wrapped a fleece blanket around Me. (Toni interpretation of Matt. 25:40). Remember, also, that in Matt. 25:45 He also says that not only who you wrap in that fleece blanket is wrapping Him in the blanket, but who you DO NOT wrap in that fleece blanket you did not wrap Him as well….

So the next time your covered warmly…and you see a fleece rolled up blanket ($5) at your local discount store, grab some…let me know and I will get them to some cold folks, or better yet….WE can go and WRAP a cold child of God in  a warm fleece blanket together.



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A child of the Most High, just on my journey with Him. Thoughts and observations from just me to you.
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