My Paper Trail

In the ear buds; Only Hope         Switchfoot

Scripture; 2 Timothy 3:16  All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction and righteousness.

In the age of electronics, with the Bible app, I find the ease almost to easy! Let me explain,
my kjv Bible, the actual with pages to touch version…was given to me in 1994…David was 4, Aimee was in the womb just hangin so to speak, and Samuel, just a glimmer in Gods eyes…my mom, which it’s her birthday today, handed this book to me. She gave me advisephoto on the front page, “read everyday and trust in The Lord with all your heart”. Love mom
At the time I thought how nice but don’t think I’ll get around to that. Don’t get me wrong I was saved, and knew I was going to heaven…but I also knew that my life was so about me…..that even after an early age when I received spiritual touch from God, yea I said it, I had decided I knew best and well,.. there it is. (How’d that work out for me?..not great) Oh yea, reading the Bible…right….borrrriiiinnngggggg (or so I thought).

This book, with its quilted cover, has followed me since 94. This time period was one of the hardest, darkest and some of the scariest times for me, but also, the most enlightening, incredible, and  with the most fierce battles that I had ever date. In this time, when I was alone, while in the midst of many people.. I felt the waves crashing over my head, just barely able to  keeping my head up enough to gulp a lung full of air…..this book, this God-given scripture…this warm blanket, life vest…was my saving grace. There are penciled and penned marked throughout the pages marking the dates that these scriptures were looked at, cried over and blazed into my heart forever….there are pictures that I put in its pockets, as well as taped on its pages… of my children, and of my family, there is the graduation Sunday program from two of my children and soon there will be the last graduation Sunday program, another reminder of the journey that God is leading me on, these remembrances are my blessings, put there to remind myself that God has blessed me beyond measure.  When I go to the Word, there is such comfort there…there is peace, answers always looking straight at me, covering me..Loving me and yes even convicting me when I need it…still Love….all Love.

Now, don’t get me wrong, or You version is cool…when I am looking quickly or feeling kinda lazy…I pull it out, and just push some buttons and there it is …the scripture, still my warm place, but I cannot touch it, the screen is cold and hard…there is some colors on the words for when I want to remember what I have read, but there are not any penciled dates, written while amazed of what was being shown to me…there are no little smiles or flowers penciled in the margins,…no hallelujah or amen that I would pencil next to  the scriptures when revelation would hit…just a very bright illuminated screen.

The great thing about this.. is, that this is my view, my journey…we all have experiences, preferences and such…all that God uses for our growth and revelation. We are all like beautiful flowers different is each exact petal, but still the same family.  The Word of God either on paper, or on a computer screen, Ipad/pod is the Word of God..whether you read the KJV, or the NIV or Ampliphed…is the Word of God…His love letter to us, His instructions, His Arms, all waiting to touch us, to teach us and to guide us on the journey, the special one of a kind journey He has for each of us…its our road map….

Read it, touch it…let it touch you…..



About On the Vine

A child of the Most High, just on my journey with Him. Thoughts and observations from just me to you.
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