Just a little something different……different is good sometimes

In the earbuds;    Proof of Your Love      Crave

As I was doing some studying on the gifts of the spirit, God had reminded me that I have been given a gift, and that right now He is doing a little pruning to get me where He wants me to be…to be able to share my gift, and I am good with this. Many are called to use their gift, but do not have the character to stay there. I want to be able to use that which God has given to me to their fullest, so I am in the holding pattern…and it is best!


Writing my truths has been the gift that God has given to me (one of them), this gift, I did not even know I had till a few years ago.  As, I sat looking at the blank paper today…I had been looking at the page for days now, kinda in a fog state..not really “feeling” anything to write about (now)..I felt myself get a little ADDish, so I got out my music it seems to always open me up for writing. I had found my old Ipod shuffle one from over 5 years ago. It still had battery power, so I attached some earbuds and started listening to the tunes I had put on it many many moons ago. As I listened to the variety of music, slow, fast and some really odd choices I was amazed and calmed as well. How, although I had changed a lot in these years, these song choices still amazed me with how much I enjoy them and how they speak to me.

So, I had an idea…(watch out folks ) I was going to take the first sentence of each song that came on, in no particular order, (cause on the old ipod shuffles you cannot tell anyway what is going to play next) write them down and see how it all comes out. Here goes…….

I need to find you, In this communion

Breath with no air, Holy Holy Holy

Come to me, Peace be still

Whenever I call you friend, Closed up from love

Smooth talkin, slow talkin

He’s got something special, You’re the only one I need

One way Jesus your the only I can live for

I’ve been waiting for my dreams to turn into something

This is the time of my life

God alone put the world into motion, It’s gonna be alright

All the single ladies (don’t judge), Everyone needs compassion

Let mercy fall on me

Worthy is the lamb that is slain

I hear the men say something, How long, How long

Together everyone, 

Every time I think I’m closer to the heart.

That’s it folks! my playlist from years ago…all put into a form that says it all.

 This journey that we are all on, some are further ahead than others, but we are all together in this. God had a plan for all of us to work together, that’s why we are all gifted in different ways…so that we need each other.



About On the Vine

A child of the Most High, just on my journey with Him. Thoughts and observations from just me to you.
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