Happy Birthday Jesus

Merry Christmas

So much to write about today! So many changes….some of thanksgiving and some of pain and sorrow…But today, I will limit myself with the thoughts of what today really is about…the remembrance of the greatest gift ever given to anyone.

As I look down, under the skirt of the brightly lit Christmas tree…there are many gifts, gifts that are small, big, expensive and even some that were not so pricey in dollar terms however, in other terms priceless. Never the less with all these gifts not one could now or ever compare two the gift that God gave me (us), His children..a gift that was the biggest gift,  ever however found in the smallness of statue…an infant. A gift that ultimatly cost everything, this gift…so humbley brought into this world was given with more love…than I believe we mere mortals are able to grasp…the depth of love, love so perfect that it casts out fear. This love so unconditional nothing could separate you from it, or the Father. This love that is protective, warm and more inviting than any other invitation, without strings…well just one string. Me/you.. our whole heart. This love will be for anyone, short, fat, skinny, young or old………. just come as you are.

This love is ready to hold you and keep you…Its God, made flesh for us, in the form of a small child, a man…born to a virgin…A Savior, Christ the Lord.

Merry Christmas


About On the Vine

A child of the Most High, just on my journey with Him. Thoughts and observations from just me to you.
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