Live Amazed

In my earbuds;   Draw Me Near                       Meredith Andrews

Hebrews 13:2           Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unaware.

 On our journey, being amazed daily by God’s presence is crucial. In the early years of our walk it can be easy to see God by the amazing things He does for us. Sometimes as new Christians we need a little humph to keep the fires burning, so to speak. I believe as our faith grows, sometimes unfortunately our amazement in the everyday presence and miracles that God puts before us grows dim. To think that the Creator of all Universe loves us enough to help find our keys, to show us how to make a pound of hamburger feed a large family, or to send someone to speak a  kind word at the just right time…is so awesome.

I have had a reminder of one such instance where God so showed up, like he always has done, to remind us He is still here! My daughter and I have been going through a “time” a time of change for both of us….getting older, trying to navigate this strange relationship of mother and daughter…with its new expectations and rules that both of us seem to flounder a bit at. God has been working with me so much with trusting Him and trusting in the way Patrick and I have raised our children. I gave her back to Him a long time ago…so trust! With that being said, I have been a little down because of the struggles and changes..And in the midst of all this change, my daughter and I were trying to get her all set up for college and financial aid…which that in itself can make a grown mom cry!

Back to the amazment….Well, after our third trip to the campus, we were told we needed to get an IRS form..((keep my peace, keep my peace))…I was told that there was an IRS office within a few miles of the school…(* first amazement)…..

As my daughter and I made our way, we arrived at the IRS office, when we first opened the door….we both looked at each other and gasped, it looked like the DMV at lunchtime ((very very crowded, with no seats available and a take a number system))…at that time, a nice woman at the front desk, motioned us over to her and asked what we needed. I had told her a copy of my daughters tax form…she then proceeded to ask my daughter what her social security number was, my daughter of course, went searching for it in her purse, to my daughters amazement….the woman said “darlin, you really need to know that number by heart”, I just smiled…I had mentioned that fact to my daughter as well, just to be shrugged off. As the woman got her information, and started to get the form printed out, FREE…(*second amazement)

This wonderful woman behind the desk, now we did not walk in there with any look on our face or a sign on us…explaining the difficulties that we had been going through on our back…but this woman, a robust woman of color, with a smile that never left her face…started to talk with my daughter, she spoke to her with a calmness, love, and a familiarity to my daughter that was amazing to my daughter as well as myself. She counseled my daughter on how her mother, that’s me, loved her and how she needed to always remember to respect me. She continued to explain that at some point I would not be there/here and that she would never want any sadness between us, and that one day she (my daughter) would understand her mom better…because she would have a daughter as well. I have to tell you, my daughter listened, never took her eyes off this woman, and answered everything with “yes mam”. She has been taught well!! This conversation went on for a while…and when the paper was done printing, the woman gave us the paper, told Aimee not to forget what she said and to have a great day… (*third amazement)

As my daughter and I walked out of the IRS office, there was a silence that overcame us…when we got in the car, we both looked at each other, and both of us just were amazed. My daughter had finally broke the silence, “well that must have made you feel good”…I just felt tongue tied..we both were just smilin..I asked her if she knew that was God, (not that the lady was God)…but that God knew exactly what we needed and there she was. My daughter and i just sat for a while, WOW…angels around us…I believe there are. The best thing was that my daughter and I got to see God in action, acknowledge Him and be reminded together how much we are loved, even in the smallest of everyday activities.

My heart leapt for joy, I was so beaten down at that time and needed some affirmation. Boom there it was! God is good, all the time.




About On the Vine

A child of the Most High, just on my journey with Him. Thoughts and observations from just me to you.
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