Power of Faith

In the earbuds;  Switchfoot             Always

I’m getting it….the light bulb is on and starting to get brighter (not those halogen ones, I mean a real light bulb), with every passing day.

At times I have made “it” so complicated…(the journey, the walk….)but it truly is not complicated. I have made it at times just so hard, my reasoning, my mind making every promises just out of reach and seemingly overwhelming task of obtaining them.

The reality is; its clear and pretty direct and simple…”Seek and Find”, “Whatever things you ask when you pray, “believe” that you will receive them and you will”. “Say” to the mountain to be moved…Let this sink in…mediatate on these…”Seek and Find”, “Believe”, and “Say”…..Let your soul/and spirit just drink in the promise.

However, remember that God is not an ATM, or a genie…He the Father of all creation, He loves us enough to give us a choice a free will and with such we are partners with Him. We have our part to do…It takes, seeking an intimate relationship with Him, submission and obedience (oh, come on…those last two words are not negative, they are actually what leads to our freedom). We need to “Seek” His face, his will through His Word…that’s where you find Him. “Believe”, that the promises in His word are for you as well as me…He keeps his promises. Another thing I know I am working on, is “Saying“..we have to call those things that are not like they are…”say” what your promises are, what you have asked God about, you have already received them in heaven, before you have seen them on earth… Immerse yourself in the Word, that’s where you will find Him, when you find Him you will find His promises.

Now, don’t think this is always a walk in the park…this is sometimes a battle…but He gives you the grace (divine power) to get through it. And you will find that out, as you get in His word. Your body/flesh I will almost guarantee you, will pitch a fit…like a twoyear old being dragged out of a toy store empty handed….But, the more Word you put in, the less and less your body/flesh will fight you. There will be a combining of those two parts of you. Remember, it took you awhile to get where you are now, so its gonna take some time and effort to get back on your path, the one that was planned for you before you were formed, as well as keeping you going straight on your path…So worth it.

I have written many a blog entry and never was I compelled to have like an altar call…however, as I was writing I just felt that there maybe someone reading it and not really understanding what I am talking about fully…I write these entries to not only encourage, and praise, but to also show how great God is and how wonderful His promises are for everyone…

The joy and peace that is in this relationship is indescribable….seeing God, hearing from Him from within you….is amazing! If you don’t know Him ,…He is there ready to embrace you and walk with you as you walk this journey…Never alone! Message me, (skystew@aol.com) call me….(704) 773-3729….or just close your eyes, and ask Him into your heart, say…”I am a sinner and I ask forgiveness…I accept you as my savior, you were born as a human baby, you lived and died on the cross, your blood washed my sins…and you defeated death and were resurrected so that I may live eternally in the presence of God…You took on my sin so I may live….Amen…   You are now a new creation in Christ!

Matthew 18:11 For the Son of man is come to save that which is lost.

Please call/email/message me if you said this prayer…




About On the Vine

A child of the Most High, just on my journey with Him. Thoughts and observations from just me to you.
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