Trust and obey for there’s no other way, to be happy in Jesus…but to trust in obey! (song from my childhood, come on sing along if you know it…if you do not know it I am sure it is on YouTube)

Psalm 115:11  You who (reverently) fear the Lord, trust in and lean on  the Lord! He is their (our) Help and their (our) Shield.

Trust, why is it so hard to let go? to know at all times we are being taken care of ? Why after so many examples of God’s hand in our lives…do we still, not let everything go to Him?

These questions roll over and over in my mind. Is it all about control? Are we really in control anyway?, if we are doing such a bang up job in our life by controlling our own life..then why be so concerned with “trust” or needing to trust?… what a quandary we are born with. Or do we think that He won’t show up? But then He always shows up…sometimes with a no, but He does come…so what is this?

I do not know how well you handle this issue, but I know for me it is my biggest mountain. Because without complete trust, how can anything else work? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t trust me doing much either. It seems, that I give God all of me,…well kinda, then seem to take things back. Then repeat the same process a give and take back relationship. (on my part) What is that about?

With all these questions, and ponderings…I seem to not have a hard time with trusting in the “big” stuff…questionable doc reports, financial situations and my children’s wellbeing…In those situations, I have felt a peace of letting go and being able to feel the hand of God. The warmth of His touch within my spirit telling me that it is ok, and that whatever happens I will be fine. How is it that, just day-to-day existence of trusting seem to weigh so heavy on my soul? Thats my mountain, Toni’s Peak…the root of all my “things” that WE are working on. Trust! Childlike trust….

Digging deep, letting go,and setting my mind and keeping it set! So hard, so doable and so needed to fulfill the call on my life. It may be tough going at times, but the alternative is not acceptable…..I do not want to skim by, I want to realize the plan, work the plan and enjoy the plan….So here goes, another day, another time to give it all and keep it there with God.  Trust…




About On the Vine

A child of the Most High, just on my journey with Him. Thoughts and observations from just me to you.
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