Never a dull moment; The journey continues

In the earbuds;   In Christ Alone            Phillips, Craig and Dean

I remember as a teenager and as a young adult…as I was choosing to listen to ME…to walk according to Toni..Basically a WWTD (what would Toni do) mentality, that the tugging on my spirit from within, was God and it was strong..but again that choice was mine. I thought, well because of a lack of teaching and knowledge (not real sure why), that a walk with God was “boring” and “old fashion”, that it had so many restrictions…and this girl just wanted to have fun (hey it was the 70’s and 80’s)….that it would be dull! ( that is yet another reason that youth is wasted on the young hahah.)

Today’s youths have it really good…there seems to be great teaching geared toward the younger group, music, lights…even fog machine…geesh. Sometimes, maybe too good. Not a lot a fear of the Lord anymore…but hey that is so another blog. Anywho, the teachers and resources that are available, I am not sure why anyone (youth) once exposed to God and His word…would not be interested.

In this journey, every turn is full of grace (divine power), forgiveness, thanksgiving,  and wonder of the lengths God will go for His children…and we are His children. But it will take looking (seeking, knocking on the door) to find these wonders. There are mountains to behold, to conquer to stand atop of and just yell in delight of Gods power for your to conquer it….with the whole incredible view right at your fingertips to marvel at… There is the sweet valley, tall cool grass, fragrant flowers that with every breath in is an explosion for your scences..there is a cool stream to dip your weary feet from the long sometimes hard journey that lies behind…and rest.  Dull, hardley!!..

But it takes giving up yourself…and its a lifetime journey, not for the faint at heart. It takes obeying…not like you won’t want to, once you fall in love with God…you want to please Him, delight in Him…as He does in you. All this, will make your flesh, scream like a two-year old (been there still doing that), but again…it is worth it. If you have ever been around a screaming two-year old…once they know that you won’t feed it (not literally silly)…the selfishness, they will calm down. So again, dull….hardley

Loving God, following God and obeying God…excitement beyong belief…and knowing that there is someone who created you…YOU….for a reason. You were not just a BOOM there you are, you were not from some celled thingy that crawled out from somewhere and evolved…And who would want to be from that. What kind of life, what kind of hope would be in that???. I would rather go with the excitement and knowledge that “I” was wanted, created and needed to be on this earth. That there was a reason for my being here…not just OOOOPS there it is.

Hellooooo, dull….really?…..NOT!


Psalms 139:13  For you did form my inward parts; You did knit me together in my mother’s womb.


About On the Vine

A child of the Most High, just on my journey with Him. Thoughts and observations from just me to you.
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