In my earbuds;  Joyful, Joyful           Cast in Crowns

Psalm 5:11  But let all those that put their trust in the rejoice: let them shout for joy, because thou defenest them: let them also that love thy name be joyful in thee.

I take that verse to say, that when we trust God for our protection, we know that will be protected always…that knoweldge should make us run and shout for joy! We (me) need to be joyous in this knowledge.

*****CONVICTION ALERT****** (me)

I find that for me, I have at times forgotten or just didn’t pay attention. Our world seems to be moving so fast, images that pop at the speed of sound, the world spins so fast that no wonder I have vertigo. The ability for one to meditate, to ponder and to feel the presence of God…gets harder and harder as this world spins uncontrollably. Today, so many different things rollin in my head to write about…trial, situations, news…I realized that I am in need of some JOY. I started reading some scriptures on JOY today, I had forgotten how soothing and so much strength (divine power) that can be found in them. I had focused so on the wrongs of the world, (it must be my super hero complex of righting the wrongs of injustice) I was missing the pure joy of the Lord. I had been feeling so weak lately, I had forgotten the song of my childhood…”The joy of the Lord is my strength (repeat) come on sing along”…No one seems to sing that anymore…((thats another blog)).

So today, I am smilin I am joyful….and although i am not at this moment jumping and shouting with joy (hey, I am writing….its too hard to write and jump around at the same time). But believe me, sometime today…I will dance with God, I will jump around and sing…I will be joyous!   I will abandon my sence of decorum. Yea, like I have that hahahah!

So as this ever-changing, spinning world tries to suck the joy right out of us….STOP!! close your eyes, close off this world and let the clear cool spring that flows within…well up with the joy that flows within it!!

Psalm 81:1   Sing aloud unto God our strength; make a joyful noise unto God of Jacob.



About On the Vine

A child of the Most High, just on my journey with Him. Thoughts and observations from just me to you.
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