Me, the Daughter

In the earbuds; Matt Maher Your Grace is Enough

Her name is Joanne McCollister Wheeler, a small 5ft dynamo, Queen Mother, Nana to all, and mommie dearest are just a few of her names. She is the matriarch to a very large, loud and loving family. A family consisting of 6 children, 17 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren (boy, I hope I counted right!!)….There are nurses, teachers, moms, pilots, fathers, IT people, administrators, students, artists, and more nurses….all people with special gifts and talents and purpose…

Mom pretty much her whole life, as a mom, has done it alone. She never had a hand with finances, never had a shoulder to lean on or anyone to cry to…(on this earth). My mom had multiple jobs, she had to leave us in the care of others (babysitters), dropping us off before sunrise and picking us up in the darkness of night as we slept…all to do it again the following day. Where I am sure, the loneliness, stress, and pure exhaustion was overwhelming on a daily basis, not to mention early on and for many years to follow the physical abuse that she had to endure….

But God……

He knew the plan for my mom’s life, her path, her journey however hard and painful…she never gave up on God, or her children. Her words were positive, never a complaint. How, she must have called out to God many nights (we were not the easiest of kids). I had however, heard her cry many times….if I had understood at that time what she was going through, how much she endured for us kids, or how much she loved us….I would have hugged her more, loved her more openly and encouraged her more… This is how I know that when you call out to God…..He may not get you out of your situation in your time, but he will give you grace and resources to get through them. Which is exactly what He did. My mom…a little 5ft dynamo!

But God…..

In His timing, He has allowed me to see…and I do hug her more, and I do love her more openly, and I try to encourage her. And if I ever doubted God’s love for me…all I have to do is look at my mom. I know God loves me, because He allowed this 5ft dynamo…Joanne McCollister Wheeler to be my mom, to love me and to always speak positive words to me. I am blessed!!!




About On the Vine

A child of the Most High, just on my journey with Him. Thoughts and observations from just me to you.
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