In earbuds              Watch Over Me                   Aaron Shust

Philippians 4:13     I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. (KJV)

While each day brings new scenery to the journeys path, some days there is bright sun streaming through the leaves of the branches that are hanging over the path like a rich green canopy, and in each stream of light, there is a warmth so calming that when you stand in it warms your soul to the core…where your spirit resides (gotta love them days)..and yes, there are days as well that seem so polar opposite, dreary, damp and cold. That make those same lush green shaded canopies so dark and as if there are attempting to cover your existence. A deep chill can come over the traveler on those days.

Although, this is the same path, the same journey….situations, circumstances can alter the appearance of this path….The traveler needs to remember that the guide is the same, He has not changed, or left his assignment…the movement is still forward.  The guide is always watching our steps,  He is aware of our every move and the very appearance of the path itself. Darkness is like light to Him…Our part of this journey is to be bold during the overcast days,  to continue to move forward no matter how the path appears. There is markers, detour signs…left by our guide along the way, but we must move forward. we will not get lost! However, with all the help and guidance we get from my guide…it is our choice to use it or to go our own way. Great news is, that our guide still goes with us….still watching, still helping to redirect our steps back onto the path that is laid out before us…. our path. Our guide will not allow any calamity to befall us. He promised us this, when we asked him to be the guide. I believe our guide….His WORD is everything, never broken, never altered….same yesterday, today and tomorrow….

No matter what your path looks like today…sunny and inviting, or dark and scarey…or everything in between. If you have asked Christ (guide) in your heart….He, your guide is always with you, always watching you…His eyes are always on you.

Question is are you watching Him? Are your eyes on Him?

He will always do His part, Will you do your part?


PS………God loves you very much, always. You are an unrepeatable miracle (JM)


About On the Vine

A child of the Most High, just on my journey with Him. Thoughts and observations from just me to you.
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