Seasons change

In the earbuds;   The Swift      When the Tears Fall

In our life there are many seasons, seasons of lushness and cool comfort, seasons of heat and stiffling thick humidity that when it hits you,  it can actually takes the wind from your lungs, then there is the seasons where the bitter cold stings your nostrils as you breath….These seasons, seem to follow us, they make up our journey on the path laid out in front of us.

My journey as of late tends to be more a walk, slow and deliberate stroll…one where I am taking in the different aromas, seeing the beauty and touching the textures along the path..I am reminded of the path that laid behind me.

Early in the journey, I started to  crawled, close to the ground unable to stand, learning everything the hard way…., Then I toddled a bit on the path, and as a toddler I tended to go out into the woods alone, leaving the safety of the path that was laid out before me. In this season, I, as a toddler, fell down a lot…my back side hurting. But as a toddler, my Father’s hand always seem to be there to lift me up off my backside and get me on my way again. Sometimes, I would grab a hold of HIS hand with all my might, other times (many) like a toddler, I would pitch a fit and push HIS hand aside…yelling, “I CAN DO IT MYSELF”…but no sooner than I would say that, again…on my backside, and again HIS mighty hand would be there! (That scenario happened more times than I could count, and even now that “inner child” can make a brief appearance.

As a mother of three young adults, (16, 17, 21) these people are my blessing, they are all different, as different as the stars that line the night sky. Each bright and shinning in their own right. Each of them are on their own paths, their journeys are just beginning… And as an experienced traveler, I have tried to steer them away from massive potholes that are imbedded in the road, potholes that I have seen before on my path…I had stopped my journey at times to run over to their path and “help” them…I offer my hand to help them up, sometimes they grab a hold so tight as to cut off the circulation…then other times they push my hand aside yelling, “I CAN DO IT MYSELF”. The sting of my children pushing my hand away is unmeasurable, the pain can be so great it feels as if my heart is breaking in so many pieces, that I will not recover. But I do! That is when my Fathers hand reaches down and takes mine….I grab it so tight….and HE helps me up again to my feet.

Once on my feet, I make my way back to my path, my journey….I have been shown that my children’s (young adults) paths are theirs.. theirs to crawl to dirty their knees, theirs to toddle and also theirs to fall on their backsides. On these paths of theirs, they will have mountains to climb, valleys to relax in, they will feel the cool breeze on their faces and the whisper of God in their ears…They will find their stride, this I am sure.

We (Patrick and I), have trained up these young people in the way they should go. (Proverbs 22:6). We have packed their equipment in their knapsacks for their journey…all the equipment as been taught how to use, and demonstrated as well. The Lord is a lamp unto their feet for the night journeys… We have also packed their roadmap, (BIBLE) to find their way. Now, that they are equipped, they must use the equipment, they must take it out of their packs and apply all they have been taught to this point. God has laid out their path, a path so uniquely them, where they will find favor, blessing and peace. And as they (my babies) walk down their paths, I pray that they stay the course, that they always know that God is walking with them on their paths, as well as when they veer off a bit, HIS hand always being offered to them when they fall, to pick them up and whisper to them to keep going and that HE LOVES THEM>

God entrusted these beauty people to Patrick and I and I am very grateful and in awe… and as I watch my children begin on their own paths, from my path…I am assured that they are good to go…onward travelors, follow God, He will take care of you….ALWAYS

And mommy is always here too!



About On the Vine

A child of the Most High, just on my journey with Him. Thoughts and observations from just me to you.
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