Listen to what He’s done…..

In the earbuds;        Come and Listen            David Crowder Band

This song so spoke to my heart, I pray it did yours as well. Just listen, be still….God is here. He always has been, not just for me….but for you. You are His child, the glorious God of all creation, everything, the whole shabank…made you, formed you in your mothers womb. He formed you to do great things, every single one of us!! Now if that ain’t enough to get you jumping for joy, it should at least put a warm smile in your heart and lips. (Selah that for a while)

Sometimes, we do not think God is with us…let me just say that if you have asked God into your heart, He is with you/us. And if you have not asked HIM into your heart, ASK !!!(Best decision you could ever make, and message me..we are family).

 I was saved at a very young age (8), as a child without any reservation, without any reasoning, or nudging from any “grownup”….I attended a neighbors church (just to let you know, I was already attending church with my family, this was just a different church), a lets say in the 70’s a “Holy Roller” church, it was there that I received Christ, and was filled with the Holy Spirit. And although I was young I knew something was different, inside…deep. However, in the following 20 odd years, I went my own way, I followed me. As I look back, somehow, I always knew I was not alone. I really never enjoyed the “fun”, like I was always convicted even when I did not even know what that word meant. But me being me,…this continued for a while, this non-enjoyment of life. In Psalms 139:8 says that “If I ascend up into heaven, thou are there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there..” (KJV). I knew that I was not alone, I had taken God with me, even in the darkest places I had gone, HE was there with me. How great is that! He didn’t leave me alone in the darkness, He kept me, His right hand held me….WOW!!

And the greatest thing is that if HE did that for me, HE will so do that for you. On this journey, we grow, we fall, and then we get up and keep on keepin on…Never give up on HIM, HE will never give up on you…Not ever!!

Be still, listen…God is HERE and HE is there with you.

Come and listen to what he has done….HE SAVED ME!!!



About On the Vine

A child of the Most High, just on my journey with Him. Thoughts and observations from just me to you.
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