The Umpire

In earbuds; Tenth Ave North                     Strong enough to save

Scripture: Colossians 3:15   And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful

As I listened this morning to some teaching, the scripture Colossians 3:15 was read. The peace of God acts as my umpire! How have I missed this?  (Wait, wait….I know!!!)

I have been in so much indecisiveness lately with the direction that God wants me (and I want me) to be going. I had neglected something very powerful, although I had been praying for direction, I so wanted to “hear” an audible voice of God saying…”TONI DO ……..” which never came, or so I thought. I had thought I made a decisions months ago, when in reality I did not! I left one foot in the old decision and one foot in the new direction….YIKES, and my spirit, soul and body was in so much unrest.

Looking back, it is no wonder why all the teaching in my life lately has been saying, “seek ye first the kingdom of God…,” I understand now, I was not going to the instruction book. I got lazy, all I wanted God to do is fix it…but I was not doing my part. Seeking first the kingdom is going to His Word first! then it will be laid out. It is like I had the seed, but it was still in the barn I had not planted it (heart) so how could I reap the harvest when the seed is in the barn. I understand now…all the answers, peace, prosperity, guidance, how to do everything is in the Word…its HIM.

As most of you know, I have been going to Liberty University for a very long time. I went first, because some “people” once told me (at a christian school) I was not a good teacher, a threat to students. And although I thought I had forgiven them, I hadn’t really…I wanted to “show” them I was intelligent, to get a higher degree than them. To get some recognition, that of course didn’t come. I did it for people, and of course, I got not recognition and “they” didn’t really know or care…so not a good thing. I am being truthful with you, because you need to know doing things for the wrong reasons cannot bring forth fruit. There has been no peace in this for such a long time, with each passing semester, I have felt more lost, more in darkness, fumbling around like I was blind in a room full of furniture, so not peaceful!! But like an addiction I found stopping it was very difficult, the comfort of the discomfort…was well comforting. I believe we all go through this, knowing that we need to turn a page of our life, one that is bearing no fruit…but the comfort of the discomfort is something we count on.

Well, duh….I finally got it. There is no peace in what I have been doing. And just like the morning, all is made clear. Morning brought clarity, no peace=leave it! God is not in it.

God talks to us loud and clear, we just need to listen….Seek ye first the kingdom..His Word!

So, let me introduce myself; My name is Toni Wheeler Jenschke, first and foremost, I am the child of the Most High God that created the World, I am a mom of three wonderfully unique blessings, the wife of the greatest gift God ever gave me. I am an (overly educated) women of God, a woman who is being shown gifts I never knew I had and some that I knew I had but was afraid to use them, not anymore!   I am peaceful!



About On the Vine

A child of the Most High, just on my journey with Him. Thoughts and observations from just me to you.
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