Slow down and enjoy!

In the ear buds; Coldplay…..the Scientist

 This past weekend, I drove out to my brother’s house to pick up a desk for my mother. This drive was to be a long ride with a fast turnaround time, while planning this trip there were two ways to go (googled) one way was to go route 49 the other way would be taking I-85/40…hummm, so I asked my brother which way he liked better, he said that he takes I85/40 because it is quicker. I of course, then took Route 49….if you know me that would not surprise you. But in my defense, I took it because, “49” was right outside my door. As I drove down this route, it was familiar to me…as a 20 something, I had traveled down this road many times, (but that will have to be another story) I found it wonderful, exciting and beautiful. Each turn, every twist of the road with the sun flickering between the trees, was more enjoyable for me to drive then the last. There were beautifully run down farm houses, with the kudzu growing over the porch toward the roof, the tin roof, that made me imagine who lived there, when and how this “home” became in such disarray…There were bridges, that spanned over two different lakes, lakes where people were busily launching the canoes, and boats, for what I would only believe was their time to relax on a Saturday a time to catch some fish or not, or just to enjoy the stillness of the lake. This route did prove relaxing for me; there were many mental notes where to return and take pictures at another time when “time” was not an issue. That all being said, I made it to the destination in 2.5 hours. And I only had to pass one car going really slow one time. (I am not a fan of doing so).

Not bad!…

After picking up said desk, I left for I-85/40 for the return home…I had decided that I would go both ways to see which was “faster”, As I entered I-40 ( I-85 was further down the road), nothing unusual, nothing spectacular, well just a whole lot of nothing in particulars. The lines of the interstate running into each other like a solid white line to nowhere. There were no farmhouses, actually no houses at that; there were no signs, hardly an exit in site. After an hour on I-40 and still many miles from I-85, I almost fell asleep; I cannot tell you how boring this ride was. And this so called faster way took 3.5 hours to reach my destination.

So, I tell you this whole adventure story because, it reminded me of my journey. My journey in this world that God has made, and put me on. There are many roads we take, some are supposed to be quicker, and accomplish the task, then they end up being long, boring and hard to take, ones that make you want to scream “let me off…NOW”. And then at  the same time there is the other road, the one that some have said “it’s way too slow”, but in all actuality it’s the road that is more memorable, more awe-inspiring…just more of everything. Each of the roads did accomplish the goal; they got me from point A to point B, so both were successful. But it is the journey, the “how we get there” that has seemed to have resonated in me. Every one of us has those choices, those journeys, those roads that we can take, some are scenic and slower, where each step or mile just stir our spirits,  Then there are those roads that you know will get you to where you think you need to be, but there is nothing there…emptiness, it seems no enjoyment getting there.  In the verse, Psalm 23:3 He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Sometimes roads.., these seemingly longer roads, that show the beauty that is what God has put before us, are here to be able to “restoreth” our souls.

Maybe, just maybe…’s not where you are going, but it is how you get there that important. Maybe, we should slow down; take the “route” instead of an interstate. Take in the forgotten, the quite stillness that once was. Yes, maybe…….



About On the Vine

A child of the Most High, just on my journey with Him. Thoughts and observations from just me to you.
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One Response to Slow down and enjoy!

  1. Miss Chris says:

    This was absolutely beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes. It made me think of my journey with my Shannon. All that college writing is paying off. Your writings are eloquent and touching. God bless you.

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