The fog clears………..

In the earbuds; Lincoln Brewster…..Everlasting God

In this journey, I am learning so much…..(still) from glory to glory. It seems that with every trial (learning experience) that I venture really is for my good. I makes me closer to my Father, it teaches me that when I rely on God and not on my understanding (or lack thereof) that all things work out for good, for those who believe in Him His promises are true!! that there is never a trial/test/growth that will be too much for us/me to bear, He will make a way out always for us. Unfortunatly, we/I have experienced the panic that comes when we want to provide our own way out….RUNNNNNN!!!! Sometimes this panic comes from doubt, believing that His love for us is too great, we need to love ourselves as much as God loves us! (Not in an unbalanced way, but knowing who we are in Christ!). Even in this, growth is acheived….there is an easy way and a hard way, a fork in the road, a line in the sand….How do you want to do this? it is our choice, how will you proceed?

 I do believe if we trust in God’s promises we will get to the learned lesson, sometimes it is just more painful than it possibly has to be.

With this journey we are all on, full of opportunities to get closer to what we were put on the Earth to accomplish, there is seasons, renewal, death to flesh, rest/peace, pruning….all these lead up to the “show”, our place, our growth, our inner man, our closeness to our Father. This particular journey I have experienced, has been at times difficult, panicky, and full of revelation and I am thankful for all of it! I was taught that I am a spirit, I have a soul (thoughts, emotions, feelings) and I live in a body…I have been letting/allowing my soul/body to control me (inner man).  I am reminded of Paul, in Romans 7:24,25… I am wretched, I am not made to do this on my own, I will always fail on my own…

 The visual aide, that God has given me; My two-story house does not control what I do, why would I let my house (body) control me? My spirit (inner man) where the Holy Spirit dwells is who I am leaning on…the comforter is my comforter….Like a vessel with cracks, the light is growing ever brighter and with each crack, it allows the light to illuminate the darkness.



About On the Vine

A child of the Most High, just on my journey with Him. Thoughts and observations from just me to you.
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