Whats in your Happy Meal?

John 6: 57-58                     “As the living Father sent Me, and I live because of the Father, so he who feeds on Me will live because of Me. 58). This is the bread which came down from heaven-not as your fathers ate the manna, and are dead. He who eats this bread will live forever.”


It seems that in our hurried life of today, everything is quick, even our meals…these meals are so quick, there are usually eaten in the car, paper plates or even right out of the box at the table. These meals, although convenient, are tasteless, meaningless and not nutritious. There is no enjoyment in them, no conversations over them, they do not evoke memories or even make any memories.

I do not know if you all remember the meals of yesterday?….I do, my grandma Wheeler (Margie), a woman who loved me, and her family very much, she spent time in her kitchen, cooked each meal with thought, love and seasonings! One could savor each bite, the texture, the comfort…. the aroma that would fill the house as we entered it was the most awesome thing….nothing compared to then or ever to that aroma and feelings. It is etched within my very being. I can picture even now, how, as breakfast (full meal) was finishing up, her dinner (which was actually what I called lunch) was being started. She always knew what was going on in her home. She took pride in that… She always had “cooked” meals full meals with bread and butter to accompany every thing that was ever put on a her table. A completely set table, table-cloth, napkins, silverware etc….Where everyone sat at the same time, we ate, we laughed, and we were together…awwww! My grandma, never acted or talked of this being a burden, that she was unable to “be complete”. She cooked, did the dishes (by hand) cleaned up all to just start the process again for the next meal, and never one time in all my years did I hear anything negative from her mouth on no one helping her out, picking up their own plates or doing the dishes for her….What a woman~ It was not that, “she knew her place”, it was that she loved her family, she respected her family and herself. She was called, as we all are, if we are going to have a family to take care of them. (Speakin to the choir, no mail please).

I use my grandma’s life/cooking for an observation that our society has made this view and lifestyle a negative instead of a joy, a calling. Society has just about made it impossible for most to be able to achieve this, made this a “poor woman” thing. Helllllooooo, if you are going to be a mom (that is your choice) take care of your family. OK, I digressed…this is another blog altogether….Our culture of hurrying up and eat, ….eat fast, eat bad, …just hurry. No time any more for whats important, God, family life.

As I was reading some of Andrew Murray’s Abide in Christ- I reread the preface, where he (Andrew Murray), writes “We all know that the need of time for our meals each day, every workman claimes his hour for his dinner; the hurried eating of so much food is not enough. If we are to live through Jesus, we must feed on him; we must assimilate that heavenly food the Father has given us in His life.”….this made me think..hummm if we are a culture that is in such a hurry we cannot even sit and eat real food, at the table, with our family. How are we going to be able to/or want to sit and feed on God’s Word, sit with Him, enjoy His company, meditate on his Word…. Do we give Him our time? Do we savor each word, smell the aroma of the life that is given to us? Being comforted by the Comforter that was left for us?

In our fast pace, fast food mentality it seems like an impossible task to slow down, savor, take in, abide in Him…

So I pose this to you, are you really getting the Happy Meal that you ordered, that you chose when you asked Christ in your life, heart? Or are you getting the drive through version….quick, tasteless, no value what so ever?… Are we missing the real “Happy Meal” from the Word of God? Feed on that. (Slowly, please savor each bite of what is given to you, so may go and feed others).




About On the Vine

A child of the Most High, just on my journey with Him. Thoughts and observations from just me to you.
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One Response to Whats in your Happy Meal?

  1. I love this! Makes me really want to slow down and savor God and all the life He has given us!

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