Using crutches, No weight bearing………

Day 28 using crutches in some capacity.      Day 15 No weight-bearing at all

Music in my ear; when I wrote this longhand 6/14/2011, Salvation is here (The Swift). But how cool is God? I will tell you, as I type this up on the blog (6/15/2011)….guess what is playing in my ears? come on….God is so awesome….Yep. Salvation is here (Hillsong). So I guess, I know my God saved the day and his word doesn’t fail, He made a way, and it WILL BE ALRIGHT

I’ve been thinking about this situation again, lately, well my thoughts can keep bringing me to this place I am now. Other nagging thought are, just how unorganized, dusty, and dirty my house is looking. And from this vantage point (when I use the wheelchair in the kitchen), there is another world from this view. I am amazed how different it looks from that point. More thoughts that rumble around my mind is how my garden is looking (actually not that bad), and all those supplies sitting on the (treadmill) just waiting to be used, paint and lighting fixtures, oh and that dreadmil, it glares at me and sometimes I even can hear it snicker a bit. The object that started the destruction of the knee….ok, drama is what I do, sorry..I know this object had nothing to do with my situation. But it is nice to blame something other than myself. Yea, that’s the ticket. Not my fault……All this can just overwhelm the mere mortal human, but again, I am reminded that I am not just a mere mortal….I am a child of the Most High God, the creator of, well everything. There it is!…………………….THE END, yea right…you know there will be more.

I was looking at the calendar this morning, telling myself, “myself, I said, you must have been on these crutches for over 3 weeks”, but alas after looking carefully I have noticed that once again time has stood still, its only been 2 weeks! There seems to be periods of life that tend to stand still, to move slowly to defy the clock/calendar. These times, for example, when as a child you cannot wait till Christmas morning, or when you are 16 years old wanting to make your mark on the world, or when your child/infant screams at 1am and seems not to be able to be consoled. You know those times, dont you? I believe that there must be some scientific phenomenon (not really, but sounded interesting). Or maybe its there to learn patience for what “we want”. character building and such…yippee more character building.

But for now, this is my reality…time is standing still. I am learning things, lots of things.

Then I realized that the terms that I was and have been using a lot these weeks; “using crutches”, and “no weight bearing” seem to holding a different meaning now…”using crutches”, is what I have been doing, by whinnying and complaining and thinking negatively. Those attributes of mine that I have been working on with God to overcome. And although, I have made great progress in this area, and I guess this situation of “using crutches” (literally) is a great test for me to practice what I have been made aware of  and to overcome these hindrances in my walk with God.  Trying not to complain, whine etc…The other term, “no weight-bearing”, it seems through this whole situation, I have prayed to God to take this situation and help me through this…but then I have taken it back. This situation has been very “weight-bearing for me”, the weight one me of not being able to do for my family, to be asking for so much help and just the weight of the “what ifs”. But I think I missed it, Christ already bore this weight for me, ….I am to be “non weight-bearing” giving all the weight of this situation and of life to God means…..not taking it back.

I must choose to “think on” the fact that I am given this time. Instead of a burden, this is an opportunity to stop “bearing of the wieght”, to adjust my attitudes, lean on God, learn its ok to ask for help. This  is a growing experience that will only come out great! So onward we go….

Romans 8:28             And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.


About On the Vine

A child of the Most High, just on my journey with Him. Thoughts and observations from just me to you.
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