Change..Yep It’s Gonna Hurt

Psalms 56:3-4     Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in you; In God (I will praise His word), In God I will put my trust; I will not fear what can flesh do to me?

In my ear; Bethany Dillion (agoustically) Hallelujah                                     

Whatever is front of me, help me to sing; Hallelujah

So here it is, my reality (fleshy); I will be 50 tomorrow, I am 50 lbs overweight, I am menopausal, oh and I have a fracture in a bone on the knee that I had replaced a couple of years ago and I cannot put any weight on it for at least 6 more weeks, so still hauling around this body yikes….. Oh, and I have teenagers and some (you know who you are, or maybe you don’t) close family members that seem to overlook me. (Not Patrick, he’s very awesome). My house is a mess, I have to buttwalk up a lot of stairs, and I am verbally trying to keep this all in and not complain. This is my fleshly reality at this moment, and although this sounds like the biggest pity party ever thrown (which maybe a little is), it is my way of getting negative feelings out a sort of cleansing. I refuse to live by these feelings, so there it is! Awww, that felt good.

But here is my spiritual reality, (so much better), God loves me, if I was the only person in this whole world, He would have sent His son to die just for me (how cool is that). God is in control of all my trials and offenses…no need for me to live by these. I am being changed, I can feel it. And the fact that all these issues present themselves at one time at this time…means something. This change can cause fear, and I am choosing to look this fear directly in the eyes and with God’s guidance, urging, and help to knock this out…..BOOYAHHHHH!!!!! And although, I want this change, I need this change….But this change is causing much pain in my flesh (can I get a witness?) I will not live by “feelings”, just by God’s word. I know I cannot do this alone….no way, not happening. But,  I am so excited of the outcome, the Word says that this will work out for my good…Hellooooo, that is so exciting.!!

So there it is, my life, my struggles….my reality at this moment. But this reality is being attacked with the Armour of God…and although, it’s a struggle and sometimes it takes everything I have inside, to not let it take over. I am strong, and I am equipped and I believe and trust in God to get me through this in a big way. I am not cocky, I am just confident in the promises that have been given to me/us.

I know there are many people going through so much more than I am, more than I can even imagine, with trial and tribulations of this world. We have to remember that He (Christ) already overcame this world, and WON. We have victory through Him and only Him. So when you start being overwhelmed, under appreciated, misunderstood, in physical and mental pain….LOOK UP!….no really, LOOK UP, give it to God and smile. You are loved by the living God, the only true God, the God of all creation…just awesome.


*side note on last post; This is only a test.       

It is taking a whole lot longer than a couple of days to get my attitude where it should be, and my flesh is continually dying to itself. (good thing, but painful) But I am so not giving! up….


About On the Vine

A child of the Most High, just on my journey with Him. Thoughts and observations from just me to you.
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