Day 1… leg

Isnt the mind silly? As soon as the doctor said to have no “load bearing” (what, imma load?…no comments) on my knee, I have had the hardest time not “load bearing”. What is that about?…I usually have no problem sitting, usually I even feel bad for just sitting…Now I have a doctor telling me to “sit” haha. Isnt that how life is? So ironic.

Seriously, though, I am finding this “staying off my knee”, very hard to do. So hard not to google all the problems that this knee thing could be. Finding so many things that I planned on doing …thinking of how long it took for me to find the “right” paint and fixtures for finally doing something in our house. Oh yea, and the surprise birthday trip/vacation with the two younger teens to the “happiest place on earth”…that of course my husband didn’t want to pay for the vacation insurance. So we are going….Lets not even talk about the weirdness I can get about being in a wheelchair being wheeled around in 90 degree weather by my handsome husband…But, yea, that mountain..I mean those mountains..I am not going around. THIS IS A TEST!!!! THIS IS ONLY A TEST!!!..and I am determined to pass. I will be putting into practice the principles that I have been studying, for example; having faith, walking through things not trying to find a way out, trusting God, knowing all things work for my good even if I cannot see it at the time…you know those principles. I have to remember as I sit here almost feeling sorry for myself, that I ask God to grow me, to use me…I believe before God can use me to others , I first must address my “stuff. So in this time, I am being given the OPPORTUNITY to; reflect, study God’s word, write, practice patience and power talkin, walk (I mean sit in the Spirit) and be joyous in all my circumstances. I am going to be blooming where I am planted, which apparently is a brown wornout recliner!! hhah. I will be very light in this situation, because I do believe that humor is a gift of not take to seriously this world and its circumstances..there is such bigger things! GOD>

I have so much to be thankful for, financial security, a home, a host of family and friends that all I know have my back. I am thankful for my health, my sight, my sound mind (no comments) and of course again the sense of humor. But most importantly  I am thankful for Jesus leaving us the “Comforter” the Holy Spirit that is dwelling in me, and that His voice is as loud as I can be at times. And I am thankful that I am now listening, not turning a deaf ear as I once did. I have found that in obedience that instead of it being in bondage, that I am free, and  so peaceful.

So as I get ready in a couple of days to make memories…I am determined that they will be good, no great memories for all of us. And although, I know that God didn’t make this whole knee thing happen, I do believe it is how I handle this situation that will determine the success and outcome that this will take. I know that this wont be easy, I know that I may have to go around the mountain (maybe) more times than I want..But this I know, without a doubt I will complete this journey with success.

POW< BAMM> SWOOOSH!!!!! take that devil, your feeble attempt to steal my joy…..hahahahah HAS FAILED!!   (YET AGAIN)

Gosh I love GOD!! Aint HE GOOD>



About On the Vine

A child of the Most High, just on my journey with Him. Thoughts and observations from just me to you.
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