What, No Manual

When we brought home these (our) children, each one special, each one dreamed of and loved beyond measure. All wrinkly, sweet-smelling and bundled so snuggly within their blankets as when they were wrapped so snuggly within my womb. Enclosed within the paperwork from the hospital upon discharge…Bill -check,  discharge info – check, baby – check, New human baby manual – uncheck….thats it? No manual? Hellllooooo, you have forgotten something, what about an instruction manual…something. We have never even bought a toaster without pages and pages of information on how to 1) run the equipment 2) precautions how NOT to run the equipment 3) troubleshooting.  What is going on here..? This human being has just been intrusted to people who cannot even balance a checkbook….How did this happened? (never mind I know how it happened).

I remember thinking, as this small being was screaming (and no he wasnt hungry, tired, or dirty…), being held by me, seemingly unhappy with any and all comfort measures I was trying to provide…Where is the manual now?…where is the index of what to do? This is so complex, so different from anything we had experienced before, but so much love, so much concern it overtakes every thought even the “where’s the manual thought”. There are no glossary of terms, not even pictures to show how to do anything. But for all the uncertainty we pressed on….learning on the job, taking mental notes for the future of what works and what does not work. And even that is not feasible to do, because the very next “gift” will not be anything like the other, they will need yet another manual that again is not provided. Hummmmm, So unique each one is, each coming from the same place, so genetically equal as far as mom and dad’s DNA, linked to each other forever, yet so very different. How do we do this?…How did we do this? But we did and are still trying to understand their pain, their wants and their desires and of course to guide them through this maze of life. But how are we going to do this?, what book or manual can we use?

Hallelujah!!, after what feels like a lifetime, (well kinda was a lifetime of theirs and mine), I have found the manual for child rearing. I always had it, it was just misplaced through the trapping of life, overlooked within the piles of the everyday. Its been right in front of me. In it is how to comfort, how to love, how to guide, discipline and to do it with unconditional love. Oh my, how did I miss it? But as I say, better late than never. Every new parent as well as us older parents need to pick up a copy and if you already have a copy, read it, seek out the incredible wisdom, advise and love that is written in its pages. It’s a lifesaver (literally) oh, and don’t worry its been on the best sellers list for a very long time. And its been on the best sellers list longer than Dr. Spock’s, How to rear your children’s book has been. Ready to know the answers to all the problems of the “hoods”, parenthood, childhood, and adulthood? Well its the Bible, the Holy Bible. It’s the manual for every life, young and old.

The ultimate Book written by the ultimate parent……Father God, get a copy!



About On the Vine

A child of the Most High, just on my journey with Him. Thoughts and observations from just me to you.
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  1. Love this! So true. 🙂

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