Can I Get A Testimony?

Testimony (noun); A divine decree attesting in the scriptures., A firsthand authentication of a fact:

  1. evidence
  2. an outward sign
  3. a solemn declaration
  4. a public profession of religious experience

My Testimony…..

When I write those words, My Testimony,  it brings so much {life} to my mind, my life….that of course I have procrastinated writing it. There has only been one other time, that my testimony was ever called for, in written form, where I would give an account of how my walk with Christ began….and to tell you the truth, I just skimmed the surface, made it clear and quick and just hit the high points. I do not remember being to concerned of the weight of my proclamation could bring the readers as well as the writer (ME)…I just wanted the “job”.

I have had another opportunity to where my testimony is going to be needed in written form, and with who I am now, I cannot and will not just skim the surface…just hitting the high places just to get the job. This topic has been coming to my mind lately more and more about getting my testimony in a written form….somewhere inside of me, this testimony is needed for my journey. I cannot tell you why, just that there has been a deep need and urging for me to do this. And you know when the Holy Spirit is urging…you can only pretend you don’t hear Him for so long…As I, even now try to gather my thoughts, feelings and experiences they seem so incredible, so many super-natural occurences that have been put into my path on my journey to this date, my mind races, my fingers cannot keep up with my thoughts and memories…my hand cramps holding the pen and writing as fast as I can with excitement. My journal is marked up, things marked out…much rambling is occurring at this point. This is so much harder than I thought it would be. The words, even describing this assignment that I need to do, are not flowing from me as I would have hoped for. These words seem so close to the surface, bubbling within me like a geyser that will blow! This is so exciting and so frustrating for me at the same time, I want and I need to get this testimony out of me. I will be praying for focus, clarity and direction to get this done, which of course will be given, Hallelujah.

So I will stop for now, I believe that this may be the most important writing I could do and ever will do. I know that this job, will wait for my testimony to be completed. I will start this writing, the way it was started….With me as a child, coming to Christ……



About On the Vine

A child of the Most High, just on my journey with Him. Thoughts and observations from just me to you.
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