Good Friday

Today is Good Friday, why do they call it that? -Good-

It was the hardest, most painful thing to imagine someone going through, and this was not just someone, but Jesus the Christ, blameless in this world. So punishing both physically as well as mentally, (Matthew 27 ) such LOVE was shown to us, God’s children, on this day.

So I guess it was Good for us, God’s children who accept His Love and Salvation that we are cleansed with HIS BLOOD. Through HIS pain we are made new, we are able to boldly to go to the Throne!  Maybe today for me, it could be called…..The most amazing gift ever given to people who didn’t deserve it….What do you think? Cause good just doesn’t sound good enough for what was sacrificed for me/you/us.

Sadly today is now called “earth day”, (whats up with that?) go plant a tree or clean some trash out of the gutters. I have a better idea, we need to go and sow a seed of faith and love for others and maybe clean out the gutters of hunger, loneliness, homelessness and pain.

So for me and my house, this is not just “Good Friday” It’s the Most Incredible Day of Selflessness and LOVE, Where Christ Took Our Sins, and Suffered in our Place FRIDAY…..Now that is GOOD!!

Just a little bit of my thoughts….Blessings


About On the Vine

A child of the Most High, just on my journey with Him. Thoughts and observations from just me to you.
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One Response to Good Friday

  1. Lisa Roszler says:

    Yes, Toni, for us a very Good Friday! I’ve been trying to imagine what it was like for Jesus’ followers that day. Confusion, helplessness, anger, disbelief, anguish… to see One so pure arrested, convicted, sentenced, tortured, killed. I think I would have been out of my mind! And to not realize that “Sunday’s coming!” It would have seemed the end of the world. And it was… the end of the world’s separation from God. So glad I know the rest of the story. Hallelujah, He arose!

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