I got the music, pretty music…I got the music in me!!

I have a habit, yes I said it…I have a habit! After my time with God, I put on Pandora (David Crowder Band) and with ear buds donned, I write. I write about anything and everything….I write my thoughts, and my prayers, hence, the “Dear God” entries that will be periodically posted. I find that if/when I write my prayers, I stay focused…no distractions. However, this post is a deep introspective analysis of ME…(those be some big words, right?…well all the money that I have spent on my educations, there should be a couple thrown in for good measure).

As I listen to my music through these ear buds, I am at peace. I am always amazed, on how music affects me. Music is like a fluid that just runs through and over me like a warm fountain. My body actually drinks in the instruments and melody of the voices as they work together to form a perfect sound, that permeates my very being. It cuts through my soul to deep within my spirit…I could say it envelopes me. This has always been the way music affects me, since a small child, I can remember listening to my mother sing. She would sing and her beautiful voice was so warm and comforting to me. And although, I sang in the choir at church, I left the real singing to my mom and sisters. But I loved listening and feeling the music, it was like I could hear arrangements, I could then as now, actually pick out the different instruments and notes that were being sung. It was like hearing in pieces, that which would make it whole.

So there it is, music and writing….so deep in me, they cut through the noise in my soul into the most peaceful part of my spirit. The place in me that is quiet, thoughtful and deeply in love with God…YAHWEH!


About On the Vine

A child of the Most High, just on my journey with Him. Thoughts and observations from just me to you.
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