If I am going to talk the talk, I better be trying to walk the walk!

Lately I have realized that advising people (who ask, of course HA) about trusting in our Heavenly Father, that when we pray HE hears us and although sometimes the answer is no, or the answer does not come as quickly as we would want…That God does hear us! Well it has being called to my attention, by the Holy Spirit, that I need to remember these words that I have been so graciously spoken to others, for myself.

Case in point; I have been really strugglin with dumb palpitations. Sometimes, they make me mad (crazy, loopy, nuts). I have prayed about them, and I have felt confident that God has heard my prayers. But then I forget that trusting and releasing my faith is a daily deal. The mind, can one minute feel on top of the situation and in another feel lost as you ever were.

 Today, I did find out after many tests, that my heart is fine and even another test that I am in menopause (but that is another blog, believe me), so I worked out today for the first time without any fears of “dropping dead”. And although, I still have these palpitations that I prayed would leave, I am believing that when there are done (growing me) then they will go as quick as they came. I need to trust God with my life, I need to know and to accept that God will take care of me just like he takes care of other people’s needs when asked. Its is an odd thing, I pray for family and friends and know that he will answer their prayers, but I rarely ask for myself and when I do, I do have trouble accepting and trusting. Hummm. But like a great masterpiece, I am still a work in progress. God is fashioning me, growing me in his trust everyday….For His Glory. AMEN.



About On the Vine

A child of the Most High, just on my journey with Him. Thoughts and observations from just me to you.
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One Response to If I am going to talk the talk, I better be trying to walk the walk!

  1. Lisa Roszler says:

    I have found that God teaches me the same lessons! 🙂 He whispers to me, I publicly (or privately) share, and then He zaps me as I hear the words come out of my own mouth. Double whammy!

    Praying with you, girl. And regarding the palpitations: what’s that scripture about the heart being deceitful and who can discern it? 🙂 Boy, we sure can apply that to the physical one, huh? 🙂

    Love you sista!

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